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Looking to get started with shooting panoramic photos with a DSLR for Google? Or, if you are already a Google Trusted Photographer, are you interested in upping your game to the professional level? We’re here to help. Our classes can be held in person or online via video conference.

360 photography provides our design agency upsell services to our new and existing clients while also setting us apart from our competition. Jeremy’s experience coupled with his natural teaching abilities transformed our commercial photography skills into 360 photo experts. Video learning classes showed every step in the process including specific hardware and software requirements all done remotely. Jeremy’s 360 training program cost us a fraction of what it would have taken to learn on our own. If you’re a design agency or photographer looking to expand into 360 photo services, we highly recommend Jeremy and TrustedPhotoPA. 

Bill Katula Jr. 
Vision Design Group, Inc. Winona, MN

Jeremy Powlus of
8 years experience as a Google Trusted Photographer (first in Pennsylvania and among the first 40 in the entire country) and experienced with just about any panoramic shoot scenario you can think of.

Course Description:
Whether you are already a Google Trusted Photographer or you want to get started as one, this course will get you up to speed on how to make high-quality virtual tours for Google Street View. We will cover every aspect of the process from choosing your equipment to shooting the pictures to processing and publishing them. The course will include live demonstrations of all processes and interactive sessions where we will work on photos you shot with your own equipment. When we’re finished, you’ll be able to shoot top-quality panoramic images and make Google virtual tours that your customers will be thrilled by.

Some photography and Photoshop experience is recommended but you don’t have to be a professional.

There will be a Google Drive space set up for each class with downloadable sample files and templates we’ll use during the class. A printable PDF will be provided with an outline we will follow and resources you can refer to after the class is finished.

Full course syllabus can be found here:

If you are interested in pricing or scheduling, or if you’d like to talk to a former client for references, please email me at

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