About Us

Jeremy Powlus
Owner & Photographer

Bazooka Photo is a family-owned & operated business based in Blandon, PA. Established in 2010 (Google Trusted in 2012), Bazooka Photo specializes in commercial photography. Jeremy is proud to be the first Google Trusted Photographer in the state of Pennsylvania!

Bazooka Photo, Pennsylvania’s first Google Trusted Photographer

Welcome to TrustedPhotoPA.com, Bazooka Photo’s site specifically dedicated to our Google-related work and business-oriented services. We work with clients from all types of organizations to enhance all aspects of their online presences.

Jeremy Powlus, Owner & Photographer, is certified as a Google Trusted Photographer. Jeremy is proud to be Pennsylvania’s first Google Trusted Photographer, and he’s been photographing businesses all over the United States since 2012:

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